Cantilever Docks

Have a Place to Dock Your Boat in Milford, MI

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Do you own boats or Jet Skis? If you need a place to keep your boat when you're not using it, count on SMP Contracting LLC to install a cantilever dock at your property in Milford, MI. We offer dock services so that you can keep your boat easily accessible year-round.

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Enjoy a dock that requires little maintenance

With a cantilever dock, you don't have to worry about much. During the winter, you can lift everything up out of the water to avoid damage. Since the dock mechanism allows your dock to stay parallel to the water at all times, you won't ever be breaking any state or federal codes. Cantilever docks are easy to move and extremely versatile.

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Cantilever Docks are absolutely maintenance free docking.

A wide variety of creative designs make designing your last dock easy & fun! Why pay for a handful of docks over the years you live on the lake, have one of our Cantilever dock designs installed and never have to pay for another dock again!

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